Dealing with disappointment

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I can’t lie.  Getting off the scales this week I was very disappointed.  I had exercised a great deal, was feeling fabulous and kept to the plan fairly well.  But the scales didn’t show that.  It was a loss, 1/2lb, but I felt it should have been more.

When you are losing weight you can often feel disappointed; disappointed that you have fallen off the wagon, disappointed that other people seem to shed weight a lot easier and for me the worst disappointment is when you feel you have worked hard but you don’t get the rewards.

So how can we get through this?  It is so tempting to think “it’s not worth it”, “why should I bother?” and fall back into bad habits. But in the end it’s only ourselves we are cheating.

Some positives I have taken from this week are that at times I have made good choices, such as trying Bodypump and parkrun.  I have felt so much better in myself and had some compliments.  Sometimes it is important to celebrate the little victories and remember them. It’s also vital to remember the bigger picture; why are we doing this?  What do we want to achieve?  We need to remember that this is a small part of our journey, and not a complete roadblock.

So I am going to try again this week, and hope that the scales make me happier when I weigh in again.  But I believe I am on the right track and that has given me confidence to keep going and not lose heart.

My advice if you are disappointed is;

Think of all the little victories during the week such as taking the stairs, saying no to desert.

Keep in mind the bigger picture and your longer term goals.

Use your support network, that is what they are there for.




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