My Week


My week in numbers;

½ lb lost

3 runs including 1 parkrun

2 bodypump classes

1 visit to the gym


My week in words:

Half a pound!  Half a pound! Yes I was disappointed when I stepped off the scales.  I felt I had a good week.  I have been exercising more than ever (including trying bodypump and parkrun for the first time, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed).  I have been eating well and do feel so much better for it, and have mainly stuck to the plan. I say mainly as last Saturday my daughter and I had a baking day and I enjoyed homemade quiche, bread and flapjacks as we were going to a picnic (we ended up going bowling instead due to the torrential rain but still ate the food!) and later in the week we went to a Chinese buffet where I tried to make as good  choices as I could.  So perhaps not as good as I could have been, but still disappointing.  So I am disappointed but not downhearted or defeated.  And looking forward to more bodypump and parkrun.

Hope you have had a good week.

All the best,


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