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Week 17

So this is it.  The last week.  Where nerves start to kick in (mine haven’t), and all your thoughts turn towards the marathon.  Everything you do, you think of in terms of the marathon, and how it will affect it.

Mon: 40 mins 2.95 miles

Tues: 30 mins 2.25 miles

Thurs: 20 mins 1.5 miles

Sat: parkrun 45.08

Originally I wasn’t going to run parkrun, but I ended up tailrunning and enjoyed it.  I kept the runs short as suggested in the plan and was lucky enough to run with my friend Tuesday and Thursday who always makes it fun. And that’s it.  My marathon training is complete.  Just the big day to go!


Week 16

Wed: Interval session 46 mins

Sat: parkrun

Sun: 8 miles 1.43hrs


So well into taper, and enjoyed a nice 8 miler as my last “long run”.  Really enjoyed my interval session-definitely been a positive part of my training that I am going to incorporate post marathon.



Week 15

Wed: 4.75 1.05

Sat: parkrun

Sun: 12 miles 2: 51hrs

After last week “just” doing 3 runs, I thought I would try this during taper.  So I shifted my midweek run to Wednesday, and was rewarded by a parkrun pb!  A nice 12 miler, never thought I would be thinking of 12 miles as short, but it was comfortable and enjoyable.



Week 14

Weds: 8 miles 1.46 hrs

Sat: parkrun

Sun: 19 miles 4.37

A different look this week as a friend really wanted to run 8 miles today and so met up with another friend to run.  So decided I would make my parkrun number 2 of week not number 3.  Tried a different ratio on long run 1min:1min and had mixed feelings about it.  Found it slower and think I will go 30:30 on the day.  But pleased to have done 19, although I know I need to get another 7 from somewhere…




Week 13

Tues: 3.22 miles 44 mins

Thurs: 4 miles 53 mins

Sat: parkrun

Sun: long run 18 miles 4.14

So after last week’s very tough, painful long run I had decided at the very last minute to adopt a run walk strategy.  Ranted, deciding about two minutes before I went for my run was not the smartest thing I ever decided to do, but it did work.  Remembering a thread from Runner’s World, I decided on 30:30.  After finding the alert on my garmin it became easy to track when I needed to walk and when to run.  I finished so much fresher than the previous week and with much more confidence.  So have decided that is the way to go.  Realise that I will have to give up my sub 6 dream, but I do really just want to get around…


Week 12

Tues: 1.9 miles 28 mins

Thurs: 5.2 miles 1.22 hrs

Sat: parkrun

Sun: long run 15.7 miles 3.44 hours

This long run was tough.  I was broken afterwards.  Wanted to do 18 miles but crawled in (nearly literally) towards the end.  Not sure why, only it was hot, so maybe hydration played a role.  But a big set back in my confidence.  The reason the Tuesday run was so short was my legs were still aching post half.  Probably due to the long drive back and not jumping in the bath straight away.




Week 11

Tues: 2.8 miles 38 minutes

Thurs: interval session 55 minutes

Sat: parkrun

Sun: Silverstone half marathon

So pleased to get the half marathon under my belt (see race report) and it certainly gave me confidence.  Other than that, all going well.



Week 10

Tues: 4.27miles 55.33

Thurs: hill intervals

Sat: parkrun

Sun: 3.33 15.5 miles long run

Yep the sniffles became a cold but fortunately it didn’t de-rail me.  More likely to derail me was the fact it was half term and I fell off the healthy eating wagon and didn’t go to any exercise classes.  But I kept to the plan and although the last few miles of the long run were tough on my legs, a bath helped to ease the pain to a dull ache.  But the longer the runs are the more my belief grows.  And I tried hill training for the first time…and survived.  I enjoyed it, and post marathon will try and incorporate it in my training.



Week 9

Tues: 41.58 3.19miles

Thurs: 1.00. 4.82miles

Sat: parkrun

Sun: 2.54.44 13.5 Long run

The first sign of a sniffle.  On Saturday I started to have a runny nose and on Sunday my throat felt scratchy.  But I was determined to do my long run and at first I struggled and genuinely wasn’t sure that I would get through it running.  But a swig of Lucozade and a few jelly babies seemed to restore me and the rest of the run went much better.  It was a lovely morning, and I met some very friendly people and again I was so relieved to have got it under my belt.

Week 8

Tues: interval session 40 mins

Thurs: easy run

Sun: 2.39 11.5miles

I really felt that it’s getting really serious now.  The long runs are getting,er, longer and it was about this time last year that the wheels started to come off.  Very sweetly a friend offered to come with me and it really helped.  The Thursday run wasn’t supposed to be an easy run but unfortunately I didn’t charge up my garmin and so my interval session had to be abandoned!  Whoops!  I also have been incredibly busy at work and with life so my plan to reduce down exercise classes has happened because I haven’t been able to go to many!


Week 7

Tuesday: Interval session 45 mins

Thursday: 4.81 miles 1.03hrs

Saturday: parkrun

Sunday: 4.8 miles 1.00hrs

An easier week, and I probably needed it, although I am enjoying my running more than ever. Niggles have cleared up and am feeling strong. I have been thinking about the exercise classes I am doing and have decided to reduce them.  It is regretfully as I do enjoy them and have little doubt they are helping my overall fitness and weight loss, but I want to try and be sensible.


Week 6

Tuesday: Interval session-50 mins

Thursday: Interval session- 45 mins

Saturday: parkrun

Sunday: 10 miles 2.13 hrs

Two intervals sessions this week and they were tough, especially the first one.  Walking was involved!!  Another PB at parkrun, although only by 2 seconds.  My long run was comfortable, in fact I negative split it which was a good sign.  One small worry is a niggle on the top of my left foot.  I am hoping that being more consistent with my footwear will help and it will clear up quickly.


Week 5

Tuesday: Interval session-45 mins

Thursday: 4.71 miles 1.03 hrs

Saturday: parkrun

Sunday: 8.30 miles 1.43 miles

Another steady week, totting up the miles.  I certainly believe the interval session is paying dividends as I have secured my second PB in 2 at parkrun.  I am convinced it’s because I am running faster during that session.  It also had an effect (I believe) on my long run.  I was struggling towards the end and thought it was partly due to the undulating nature of the course I had picked.  But after checking my garmin, I found I had been going quicker than planned! No wonder I found it tough!


Week 4

Tues: Interval session-40 mins

Thurs: 4.77 1.03hrs

Sat: parkrun

Sun: 8.4 miles 1.48hrs

This week I feel it has got serious.  I followed the interval session which was my first ever.  It was tough but I did feel satisfied at the end.  I also wanted to hit eight to nine miles for my long run and was pleased to find it relatively comfortable. But certainly it’s going to get a lot harder but running regularly at parkrun, joining Jantastic and losing weight has meant I am feeling better and more motivated.


Week 3

Tues: 4.23 55 mins

Weds: parkrun

Thurs: 7.11 1.37hrs

Sat: parkrun

Again this week I was more interested in keeping up the routine than following the plan.  Knowing on Sunday I was out all day at a swimming gala (taxi service and bag carrier not participant) I did my long run on Thursday. I am going to start following the plan more closely from now although I might keep my long runs longer at present, as I know when I have to up them and start running in the teens it will be hard.  So I am hoping that these runs will prepare me better than last year.


Week 2

 Weds: parkrun

Thurs: 3.24 miles 43 mins

Sat: parkrun

Sun: 4.22 miles 55 mins

 To be honest this week I didn’t look at my plan at all.  What I wanted for this week was to keep running.  With Christmas and all that entailed I just wanted to keep the consistency of the runs and once the festive season has passed to get back on the plan.  Winter is biting hard and on Sunday it was quite frosty. And you can tell I got a garmin for Christmas as my distances and time are now more accurate!



Week 1

 Tues: 3 miles

Thurs: 5 miles

Sat: parkrun

Sun 7 miles

A good start to the plan.  Miles in the bank and routine forming.  Happy days!


It’s hard to believe but my training plan for the Virgin Money London Marathon has started.  This year I am following the guide in the magazine, as it is three times a week running.  Last year I started a four times a week one, but soon struggled with it, whereas I am enjoying running three (and sometimes four) times a week as well as the other exercise classes.


I feel I am ahead of where I was last year, but I know I have a huge mental hurdle to get over, as well a physical one.  But I feel physically better as well as eating more healthily and losing weight.  So I start my plan knowing I am giving myself a better chance than last year.


So my training plan will be documented, with my thoughts and feelings about how it is going.  I will admit I am more scared than excited, but I am hoping as I get further into the plan the excitement will take over.


So my marathon journey starts here.  Any advice or comments will be gratefully received. I hope you, and I, enjoy the journey.



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