My Week


First thing to say was it was a big weight loss this week.  I had been more focused (other than eldest’s birthday), and it obviously paid off.  A few more weeks like that (the focus not necessarily the big weight loss, although that would be nice) and I’d feel I’d be back right on track.

Again this week I ran more than was on my plan.  Last Sunday I woke up feeling off colour, so I decided not to run.  Instead I ran on Monday with a friend, Tuesday did my interval sessions, and ended up running twice on Wednesday, once with my friend and once with my daughter.  So I decided to go on the turbo on Thursday for a change and had a rest day Friday. It was parkrun Saturday and finally I did a longer slow run on Sunday-something that I had missed doing. So again it was a packed week, but I must make sure I am not going too far into the short, faster stuff and losing all the endurance that I had built up marathon training.

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