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It was back on the running plan this week, after a gentle week post London.  With a 10k at the end of May I have taken a 10k plan and shoehorned it into the dwindling number of weeks!  My aim is to run 3-4 times a week, including parkrun whenever possible.

So this week started with an interval session, which had me puffing!  They are tough, but I do feel the benefits-I think.  then a 3 miler and on Saturday a parkrun PB! Whoopie!  And a 4 miler to finish off.  It feels odd to do shorter distances after so long building up the miles, but I do have to remind myself I am only 2 weeks post marathon and they say the body needs a day a mile (i.e. 26 days) to recover.  Down size: I put on weight this week.  I do want to lose weight as I know I am not at target yet, and I want to get quicker!  So I do need to sort myself out and start losing regularly again.

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