My Week


First thing to say was I put on weight.  Second week in a row.  Both fully deserved, as I have been sticking to the plan maybe 75%.  Meals have been good, but little extras have crept in.  I need to fully focus as that’s what brings results.  My leader gave me a good tip of writing down why I want to lose weight, but also why I don’t.  I do feel my focus reforming, especially as I have so many running aims to complete this year, and weight loss will only help.  So it’s time to focus, focus, focus.

As for the running, well I over ran this week.  A series of events (friends asking me to run with them) meant I ran Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Unsurprisingly my run on Thursday, although absolutely beautiful as I ran alongside the canal path, was very tough.  For someone that is used to running 3-4 times a week, it was overkill.  Maybe at some stage I will be running that much, but so far (touching wood) I have been luck with illness and injury.  I don’t want to push my luck.

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