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Last week I waxed lyrical about the benefits of group exercise sessions.  And today I am singing the praises of the slimming group.

It has taken me numerous weight loss attempts to come to the conclusion that I need the support of a slimming group.  I can’t do it on my own, no matter how much I convince myself.  For me, my greatest weight loss successes have happened when I have attended a slimming club.  It doesn’t suit everyone, but I like the weigh-in, the structure of a plan and the support.

I try to stay at my Slimming World meetings but as it clashes with parkrun and often my children’s commitments I am unable to every week.  But even if I quickly pop in to weigh, I know I am always assured of seeing a friendly face, can share how my week was with someone, and catch up with friend’s successes.  And when I do stay I draw inspiration from other members, whether it’s their weight loss, ideas, understanding or just the realisation that I am not alone, there are others out there fighting the same battles.  My Slimming World group feels like a wonderful comfort blanket and I am grateful to them all for what I have gained from it.  So if you are struggling alone remember the Slimming World’s motto: “When you’ve had a good week, the group needs you.  When you have had a bad week, you need the group.”

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