5 tasty treats…all under 100 calories

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I don’t know about you but sticking to a healthy eating regime after years of pretty much eating what I want is tough.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fruit and some of the meals I’ve cooked do not taste like they are low fat, and are incredibly full of flavour, but I feel like I am missing something (which I am, lots of calories, lol!)


So here are 5 of my current favourite treats.  Treats that won’t break the calorie bank and give me something to look forward to! And all for under 100 calories.


  1. Freddo bar016

A small chocolate bar that is 95 calories.  Perfect for any chocoholic to enjoy without too much guilt.  A friend of mine has one a day and woe betides anyone in her family that takes her Freddo!


2. Special K Biscuit moments013

A handy little pack of two biscuits that are chocolately in the middle.  A lovely little treat that are 98 calories for the two biscuits.


3. Iced gemsiced gems

One of my favourite treats from childhood and also from adulthood.  A fabulous bag of biscuity loveliness that are only 99 calories.  Yum! Yum!


4. Special K cracker crisps015

Every so often I fancy something savoury.  And these hit the spot.  86 calories a bag they are tasty and won’t ruin your healthy eating.  And they are fab with a dip!  Sweet Chilli is my favourite flavour at the mo.


5. Pink and Whites018

My current favourite.  This marshmallow sandwiched between two wafers brings joy with every mouthful.  A treat that feels so much naughtier and only 50 calories each piece.  Divine.


So what are your little treats? Care to share?  Whatever they are, enjoy them!


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