Counting down

sand timer

The clock is ticking and we are now looking at hours rather than days!  The past few weeks have really passed by quickly and on Sunday will be something that I have been preparing for for several months and looking forward for years!

I am still not nervous although it is increasingly taking most of my thoughts.  I have tried to make lists and make sure I am organised and don’t forget anything daft-like my trainers or entry letter!

Lots of people say they feel terrible during taper, or conversely wonderful.  I don’t feel either-just normal!  It does feel like ages since I did a really long run, although the past two Sundays I have done 8 and 12 miles.  I think because I am not putting any pressure on myself-I just want to finish-that has helped with the nerves.

So today I have really thought about my hydration and have been drinking water and squash regularly.  Although I have not been sticking to healthy eating plan I have tried not to go too mad as I know it can make me feel yukky.

Expo tomorrow and I think the excitement and nerves will build…

All the best,

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