The Final Countdown

nervous runner


No not the catchy Europe song, although now I have that going around my head.  But it really is the last leg of my marathon journey.  I am in full taper-trying not to eat everything in sight and getting paranoid about any ache, pain or cough.  I am keeping the nerves at bay, although it is the most asked question at present; “Are you nervous?”

I think the nerves will kick in Saturday when I go to the expo and think, crumbs what have I done?  But at present I am happy compiling lists on paper and in my head, and re-reading my instruction magazine.  Maybe it’s better to be blissfully ignorant!

I will write a longer post about my preparation this week, although anyone looking for advice may not want to follow my diet as it has included ice cream. And popcorn.  Surely that’s carbo loading, right?


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