My Week


My Week in numbers:

2 1/2 lb off

4 runs (including 1 parkrun)

1 bodypump class

1 aqua aerobics class

1 metafit class


My week in words:

This was the first week where I made a deliberate decision not to attend an exercise class.  I was really tired on Tuesday night, as the past week and a half I had been working full time and had been fitting classes in in the evening.  So I didn’t go to body conditioning and quite honestly felt so much better for it.  I enjoyed the classes I went to and do realise that I may have to reduce my classes as my marathon training increases.

But overall I felt good.  The running is going well, with more interval work making it challenging.  I had a lovely meal out on Saturday but apart from that kept on track and was delighted by the weight loss.  And I have had a few nice comments which is always welcome!!

All the best,

Woodyrunning spoon

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