Planning My Racing Calendar


The last few weekends I have been following the running exploits of people I follow on twitter.  I have to say that several times I have had complete race envy as I have heard how they have got on and seen the obligatory post race photo with medal.

But it has made me think of what races I would like to do in 2014.  The London Marathon is obviously my major target, my A race, but I do want to have other races to look forward to after it.  It is so much fun looking at races and deciding.  At the moment I am thinking mainly of 10ks and half marathons, a few after London in the Spring/Summer and a few more in the Autumn.  And with hopefully several parkruns thrown in, I am hoping that 2014 will be a very exciting race filled year.  As my calendar takes shape I will share it with you, and review each race after.

Good luck choosing your races.  there are so many fantastic ones out there!

All the best,

Woodyrunning spoon

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