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For many parents the words half term holiday will strike fear into them as their routines go out the window and children need to be amused for a whole week.  For what it’s worth I have always enjoyed having my children home, and not having to get up and out for school.  But what I am concerned about this half term is the break in routine.  Will I be able to fit in as much exercise as usual?  And how will my eating be affected? And I imagine that is the thinking for other parents who are trying to keep on healthy eating and exercise wagon.


There are several ways you can approach this change in routine.  You can keep your strict routine, not changing a thing.  You can adapt, realising that some days you may be able to squeeze in your exercise and keep to your healthy eating plan and on others you can’t. Or you can go off track completely.

Each three approaches have their merits.  What concerns me about the latter two is making sure you get back on the wagon as quickly as possible, or it could be a disastrous few weeks.

Remember you can involve your children in your healthy lifestyle.  A walk, bike ride or swim together is a great way of burning up calories and having quality time together.  A film night at home with healthy snacks can be a cheaper and a healthier alternative to a visit to the cinema.  One of our family favourites is baking day where we bake, bake, bake (I think our record is 5 different recipes!).  That can be healthy, and if not, well at least you know what goes in it. And if you do go out for a meal, there are good choices on the menu to be had. Don’t be afraid to ask for something different, such as dressings on the side.

So half term may not be falling off the wagon time.  Maybe you can even inspire your children too.  As for me…I’ll let you know how I get on!

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