London Marathon- I’m in!


Around this time of year a magazine drops through the door of runners that is either greeted with great joy or despair.  I am talking about The Virgin London Marathon acceptance or rejection magazine.


If you don’t know what I am talking about here is the gen:

Every year tens of thousands of people apply for a place at the London Marathon.  And there is an anxious wait to find out of you are one of the chosen few.  That news comes via a magazine.  You will either receive a magazine that effectively says “hard lines, better luck next year” (I have had that a couple of times) or “congratulations, you are in” (joyfully received!).

In October 2012 I received that wonderful “you’re in” magazine.  And I trained and trained.  But I never seemed to get any faster, long runs were not getting easier, my diet was not good and a half marathon broke me mentally and physically.  Fortunately my brother persuaded me to defer entry until 2014, so it wasn’t a surprise that I received my “you’re in” magazine.

So this time I am determined to start and finish it.  I have loved the London Marathon ever since I watched the first one in 1981.  I have been up to watch it several times including see my brother complete it.  I know how lucky I am to get a place and this year I am determined to make full use of it.

So I will be documenting my training, all my highs and lows and my journey towards what I hope will be a fantastic experience of completing a long held dream.

All the best,

Woodyrunning spoon

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