My Week


My week in numbers:

1 ½ lbs lost

3 runs including 1 parkrun

1 bodypump class

1 Zumba class

1 Aqua Aerobics class

1 gym session

My week in words:

Very pleased! Very pleased! Very pleased!  1 ½ lbs, I always consider, a nice steady weight loss.  I have been pretty good all week-the only blip at the weekend I had a couple of cakes.  But then on the positive that was it.  No “oh dear my diet’s gone”. Just continue with what I have been doing.  And I have been enjoying it.  Some lovely recipes-the sweet and sour chicken was gorgeous- and am loving the exercise especially getting a new PB at parkrun and even enjoying zumba!  I just want to keep in this groove for as long as I can…

I hope that your week was good too.

All the best,


Woodyrunning spoon

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